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Smooth Criminal (Cover Art) by BlackGryph0n
Smooth Criminal (Cover Art)
Cover art for me and Michelle's new Michael Jackson cover! CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT ON YOUTUBE

Hey guys! So, Michelle Creber (Voice of Apple Bloom on MLP) and I have covered yet another Michael Jackson song! :la:
This is the final song on our new MJ Tribute EP, which you can...

On CD BABY: --->…
Or on GOOGLE PLAY: --->…

You can also check out more music from me and Michelle Creber HERE:…

Or more Music from me and by brother Baasik, if ya wanna:…

So, a LOT has happened since I last posted...

First off, I FINALLY got my permanent residency in Canada! :squee: (which means I can actually work up here without a permit! ;P )
I also booked my first Canadian voiceover gig as a permanent resident, from my first audition as a permanent resident, which ironically, I recorded in Germany… XD

Also, if you’ve been wondering why I haven’t released any music lately, it’s because… Well, I actually have!

My and my family have been working on an uplifting album as a family project and to help them get through the move (to Tuscon Arizona). Every single member of my family sings on it, so if you’d like to hear some of that, head on over to out youtube channel to check it out!…

You can also download the album HERE:…
Or on iTunes:…
If you feel so inclined.


Fighting Back (Cover Art) by BlackGryph0n
Fighting Back (Cover Art)
Hiatus is over with a Rainbow Dash song! Booyah!


Baasik and I will be performing this and other songs from IMmortal at BABSCon this april! Come rock out with us yo! :D

Get our 12 track IMmortal album here!…

Instrumental written, produced & mastered by Nathanael Brown (Baasik)
Lyrics & melody written and sung by Gabriel Brown (BlackGryph0n)

Cover art (without logos or titles) on my Deviant Art page: (coming soon)

- -- --- --------( Lyrics: )--------- --- -- -

(Verse 1)
I can’t be afraid
The world needs me
Everybody sees me every day
I can’t be afraid!

Good will find a way
That’s what they tell me
But as long as there’s evil
A hero has to rise...

But I don't have to stand alone against a thousand armies
I've got an army of my own!

And we're shouting out
Tonight, we see the stars collide!
Cause as long as we’re alive, we’re fighting back tonight!

(Verse 2)
Waking from a bad dream into a nightmare,
Stepping out and one again there’s panic in the air
The sky is red and smoke darkens the horizon
I guess once again a force or foe is terrorizing.

My heart stops when the clock stops ticking
Cause I know I’ve gotta help while I’m alive and kicking
I remember days were never black but that’s over
Now that every day a demon’s back
And I’ve had it.

But we don't have to stand alone against a thousand armies
We've got an army of our own!

And we're shouting out
Tonight, we see the stars collide!
Cause as long as we’re alive, we’re fighting back tonight!

And so you want to start a war
You don’t know what I have in store
I’ve never felt this way before
And you can’t stop me anymore

And so you want to start a war
You don’t know what I have in store
I’ve never felt this way before
And you can’t stop me anymore

And we're shouting out
Tonight, we see the stars collide!
Cause as long as we’re alive, we’re fighting back tonight!

And we're shouting out
Tonight, we see the stars collide!
Cause as long as we’re alive, we’re fighting back tonight!

- -- --- --------( END )--------- --- -- -

Ok.. Now for this.

Recently a bunch of people freaked out because it got leaked that I'm singing in Season 5...
I wanted to clarify that I'm not singing as my character, my OC will not be in the show, and I'm only doing back up vocals.
I also didn't help write any of the songs I'm singing on.
I know some people are worried about the show being influenced or "infected" by bronies, so I wanted to say that I wasn't hired BECAUSE I'm a brony, or because I know any of the show staff.
I was hired because I'm a professional singer with a manager. She gets me auditions or recommends me to potential employers, and sometimes I get hired. I booked this gig like anyone would, it just HAPPENS that I'm a musician in the Brony community as well. :-P

Sadly, Hasbro has only gotten hate mail about this, so if y'all are in support of me singing on the show, it wouldn't hurt to write them a nice letter thanking them for hiring me... ;-)

OK! Thanks for making it this far my good description-reading friends!
It's been a while eh? What did you do today?

For you, I have a special treat... ME ON DENTIST DRUGS!! 8'D…


~Gabe (Gryph)
HEY GUYS!! In case y'all didn't know yet, Michelle Creber & I are going on yet another Christmas tour!! :D (Along with Andrea Libman, Monique & Michael Creber, Baasik, SaberSpark and ACRaceBest!)
We have four concerts in four different locations, listed below! :la:

Vancouver BC (Dec 7th) Tickets Here
Michigan (Dec 12th) Tickets Here
Muskegon "Unplugged" (Dec 13th) Tickets Here
Washington DC (Dec 20-21) Tickets Here (This is the BIG one!!) 

Anyway, there are Only 8 hours left on the BLACK FRIDAY WEEKEND SALE:

20% off tickets for the Magic of Christmas events (featuring Michelle Creber & Black Gryph0n) in Vancouver, BC (Dec 7 with Andrea Libman) and Washington, DC (Dec 20 with Saberspark, ACRacebest & Baasik). / Promotional code: "thanksgiving"
(Offer valid until midnight Cyber Monday.)

DETAILS IN THIS CRAZY VIDEO: (feat Me, Michelle Creber, Andrea Libman, and Claire Corlett)…


~Gryph (Gabe)



BlackGryph0n's Profile Picture
Gabriel C. Brown
Hello all! My name is Gabriel Brown. I'm a 20-year-old male Musician in the US Navy Band. I like to SCUBA Dive, Skydive, Rock Climb, Ski, Free Run, Sing, Take Pictures, Write Music, do Flash Animation, and DRAW PONIES! :squee:
I will also create and bring to life a mutant, Super-Kumquat that I intend to name Pickles. And if anyone has any objections, let them sue!

Sorry guys, I don't do requests/commissions at the moment. I am far to busy over here.
That may change once I get out of the Navy, we'll see. :fingerscrossed:

(Since some of you requested)
Links to Songs By Me:
Proud To Be A Brony
Take Me To Equestria
BR34CH (Owed to your 80's)
Dash is Dreaming
4 the Plot (teaser)
Proud to be a Brony (Fusion Remix)
Beat It (BlackGryph0n Cover feat. Apple Bloom)

HEY GUYS! YOU DON'T HAVE TO ASK TO USE MY CUTIE MARK VECTORS IN YOUR WORK! THEY ARE YOURS! TAKE THEM!!! You can use my other vectors too, though I would like to be credited in the description if you don't mind... :blushes:



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BreezeAria Featured By Owner Edited Feb 6, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hullo, Black Gryph0n.  It's nice to meet you

Flowey-chan wants to be noticed by Frisk-senpai  
DorkPrincess4321 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2016
Dude,you're hilarious.
HaleyC4629 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2016  New Deviant Hobbyist Artist
You said that there will be an official "Applelicious" video soon, right? Did you ever have time to make it?
mlpTechnoGear Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2016  Student Artisan Crafter
Hey Mr. Black Gryph0n, I'm here to present you with a crappy drawing made with my laptop pad of pony Black Gryp0n. Hope you see this and enjoy X3
Hope you like it X3
GhostBedSheet Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2016  New Deviant
Hi BlackGryph0n,
How are you? I am goid. I have watched you and your friends on "Bronies React", and seen your artwork. Awesome job. Also, you and your friends are hilarious, and good on the "Bronies React" videos. :-)
Goldendoctor Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2016
Hey, I was wondering if you and Michelle Cebber (if that's how you spell her name) can do a cover of Dreams Dreams (the end credits song from NiGHTS Into Dreams) 
flaze1 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2016  Student Artist
you rock bro !!!! BlackGryph0n

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I know you. you're the Youtube star. Michelle Creber is sure a good singer.
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